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Artist Bio

Charley is a photographer based out of Sacramento, California.  He started working with digital photography back in 2004 and received his first camera in 2009 while living and working in Seoul, South Korea.  It was a gift for him to document his travels and help explore the world he had just been opened up to.  He hasn’t put the camera down since.

In 2011 he moved to California to continue his travelling and for work.  In 2015 he finally had the opportunity to go back to school and completed his Bachelors in Fine Art Photography from California State University of Sacramento.  He graduated Summa Cum Laude with his art work piece, “Faith” being recognized at Gala events through the CSU system in 2016.  He has published photographs in Model Citizen Magazine and in a self-publication, “Without a Face”.

Currently, he is in works with the non-profit organization, Design Industry Foundation Fighting Aids for a gala event in San Francisco to raise money for Ward 86 by showcasing art and fashion.  Additionally, his Fine Art collect – The Lie continues to grow as he works on two new projects – “Onus to Oneness”, and a new non-profit startup.

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